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Non-Emergency VehicleFleet and Driving Team

Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services

We always offer the best NEPT services and staff, and our transport fleet is no exception. We provide the best mix of comfort and luxury for those with special needs and requirements, offering safety and peace of mind.

patient transport service

Our Fleet

Our market-leading fleet of transport vehicles can accommodate a large proportion of non-emergency requirements as well as having specific vehicles for mobility or support needs that are manned by fully qualified personnel and specialise in the transportation of those who require that greater level of duty of care.

This all ensures we care for all our service users from the very moment we meet them for collection right up to the very end of their journey. Our medical vans and other transport vehicles are equipped with the very latest in fastening systems that ensure the safest ride possible between destinations.

Mercedes & VW Caddie Fleet

Our Mercedes Sprinter minivans are built for luxury and value for those travelling with additional family or service users. These vehicles help provide the most advanced, non-emergency; medical transport available.
Our VW Caddies offer wheelchair accessibility for the free and independent transport of a wheelchair passenger. There is a wheelchair restraint system fitted inside of the van for secure transport of the disabled person.

Trained & Professional Drivers

We value our customers as part of our wider family, as part of our core values we ensure the wellbeing of all clients in our care by showing empathy and providing reassurance to their physical and mental wellbeing while under our supervision.
All of our team are fully trained and will make every effort to understand the needs of those who travel with us, ensuring a smooth and dependable journey.

DVSA Registered
and “Operator’s” Licenced drivers which allow for non-emergency transport services to and from medical appointments and healthcare facilities using specially-built vans.
• Drive with care & attention ensuring those in our care are transported safely.
• Work in a single or double crew.
• Assist people with various mobility and health classifications and demonstrate care and understanding for patients and any medical conditions they may have.
• Maintain confidentiality and discretion at all times.
• Ensure that when dropping off people following their appointments/ discharge, they are left in a safe and secure environment.
• Inspecting and completing daily vehicle and equipment checks.
• Check and replace equipment on vehicles.
• Comply with the safe systems of work.